Roof Top Terrace Info


The jacuzzi is cleaned and drained every Monday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm please make every effort to allow the preventive maintenance and cleaning on the jacuzzi. Unit is very sensitive so read attached instruction manual carefully. It ispreset at the ideal temperature. Please do not shut unit off and only touch pump 1,2 ,3 and the LED lighting button. These control the bubbles and the lighting. BEFORE ENTERING JACUZZI: Please shower off all oils before you get in. LIGHT SWITCHES: There are 2 light switches located on the rooftop when you walk into the covered area. One controls inside lighting, second controls the outside sconce lighting

IPOD HOOKUP: There is an IPOD hookup located to the right of the TV in the cabinet. Please be courteous with the sound volume. The tuner must be on CD mode to work. The speakers labeled “A” give you surround sound inside and “B” gives you sound outside.

GRILLS: Roll the grill outside into the open terrace area to use. DO NOT GRILL INSIDE the jacuzzi area. Please turn propane tank off after use and use grill brush to clean excess food. Grilling tools are located in the cabinet next to the outdoor refrigerator. Please clean and return them after use. Please do not leave them downstairs on the main floor

FRIDGE/WINE COOLER: Please make sure that the doors are closed tightly especially the Ice maker, check to make sure that NO ice is caught in the door. It will turn off if not properly closed

HOSE: If the water level is a little low in the hot tub, under the sink is a hose to fill it up, please make sure it is turned off when you are finished.

TV: remote control is located on or inside counter top. Please make sure remote is returned to this area and TV unit is shut off after use. Please do not remove the batteries.

KEYS: Don’t forget your elevator KEY. This key must be returned to the condo unit before departing to avoid charges.
Cushions : the Blue cushions can be left out on the lounge chairs all other cushions please put back behind the partition by the hot tub. Butlers cart: the is a cart between the grills with a glass top that you can bring into the elevator and roll down the the main floor and load up all your grilling items, plates, silverware etc and the bring it back down when you are finished with all the dirty dishes etc:

ICE MAKER: there are 2 ice makers the main one is under the counter top and makes great little cubes the other is on the top of the refrigerator.

TOWELS: Please see the pool attendant for the towels for the roof top you might want to grab a couple extra to keep around.

PROPANE: There are 2 grills both propane tanks are located under each grill. If one of them should run out please use the other but please dial 0 from the house phone ask for maintenance and tell them you need a propane tank to Penthouse / condo 29. Please keep the propane in the closed position when not in use.

GARBAGE CHUTE: Is located on the 3rd floor to the left of the elevator there is a door that says trash chute.